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Customized Battery

Customized Battery

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MICA POWER designs and manufactures custom-made batteries and cells for the special requirements, from chemistry, mechanical and electrical protection systems. MICA POWER provides one-stop services and fully-integrated battery solutions



Customizable Features

Shape Design
Customize Compact & Size
Temperature Conditions


BMS Design



The Battery Management System (BMS) functions as the “brain” of the battery pack. It measures and reports crucial information for the operation of the battery at the cell & pack level; monitoring state of charge, state of health, protection and wide range of operating parameters.  

In its simplest form, a BMS is a Protection Control Module (PCM).  A PCM is normally embedded in the battery or battery pack and prevents cells from over-charging and over-discharging conditions.

Battery protection circuits have two electronic switches known as MOSFET’s or semiconductors used to switch electronic signals on or off in a circuit.

Battery fuel (gas) gauge ICs measure battery current, voltage and temperature to find state-of-charge and more. These parameters help control a battery pack performance on the system level to ensure efficient functionality.


Intelligent BMS with RS485/RS232/ CAN ModBus communication, integrated BLE4.0 module, to enable interconnection between battery. It can monitor and manage the battery's operation instantly

enable interconnection between telephone and battery.s integrated BLE4.0 module, to enable interconnection between telephry. It can monitor and manage the battery's operation instantly.

Overwhelming increases of portable end-user applications in wireless, computing, consumer, medical, industrial, and automotive markets make battery management solutions vital for today’s markets. This demand for greater reliability from battery-powered systems, MICA POWER helps ensure the highest product safety through implementation of chargers that protect batteries in every operating condition.



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